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Music is light, in sound and word 


Singer/Songwriter/Playwright and Guitarist, Scott Cole Fulton has over the years written hundreds of songs in a variety of genres, though perhaps he is best known for his acoustic/folk compositions.  His music was born out of adversity, and Scott has always seen music as an agent of healing, whether the brokenness is personal or societal.  While he performs and writes principally for secular audiences, he has through the years also written a large body of music for spiritual settings, some of it for "The Companions" -- a group with which he performed for years that straddled the secular/spiritual line.  He has also been commissioned to write a great deal of music for children in church settings (for, e.g., Vacation Bible School (VBS), and puppet productions), and he based his play "Miriam", a full-length musical centered on empowerment of women and the unifying potential of faith, on a passage from the Christian Bible.  Whether secular or spiritual, Scott's songs always resonate with universal themes and seek to break down barriers.  His music has been recognized for its originality and lyrical creativity, and has been enjoyed by people all around the world. 



News & Updates

Music July 18

Hi Folks – I will be playing the evening of Wednesday July 18, 2018 at the Vinyl Lounge at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown (DC).  Coordinates are below. I will be at it from 7:30 pm until 9:45 pm (with a break in there somewhere).  If you are not busy, come on out and join me. Come for something eat or drink -- I am used to playing over chewing and clinking. I would enjoy sharing a drink with you after I’m done playing and before you depart.





Gypsy Sally's 

3401 K Street, NW (Water Street)



Note: Entrance is in the back of the building; look for the Vinyl Lounge, as there are 2 venues there



"I have not yet begun to tweet"  SCF

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